As subatomic particles  defy the standard model.

Electron 'antenna' tuning in fractal harmonic resonance will provide precis physics beyond Higgs

In making the most precise measurements ever of the shape of electrons, with properly tuned fractal antennae you are able to discern natural subatomic force and its conjunctional arrangement with the electron.

To not just understand the natural flow of force ascending from the subatomic via the electron to the atomic plain but to control it, the need to utilize quantum device technology will be required.

With this responsible use of this technology we will be taking our first step.










Researchers from MIT have developed an experimental photonics-based computing system that leverages lasers and optical neural networks (ONNs) to enhance machine-learning capabilities. This new system has shown a 100-fold improvement in energy efficiency and a 25-fold improvement in compute density compared to current digital computers used for machine learning, with potential for even further development. While traditional digital technologies for deep neural networks (DNNs) are becoming limited by energy consumption and size, the MIT team's system uses micron-scale VCSEL arrays to conduct calculations through the movement of light. Though ONNs generally require high energy and are currently bulky, the researchers believe their approach can be scaled down, enabling applications beyond large data centers to smaller devices like cellphones. Despite limitations in handling nonlinear calculations, commercialization may be feasible in a few years, and the technology's components are compatible with existing fabrication processes. The research was supported by various agencies and published in Nature Photonics.

Partnerships to be developed based on the new Canadian research and development collaboration plan. As an industry partner we are looking increase our innovation potential by collaborating with the government, academic institutions and foreign partners on research partnerships and commercialization opportunities.

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